Tips on how to sleep comfortably

It is necessary that our bodies get rest after a long day of working. Sleep helps the body rejuvenate so that we can start the next day feeling energetic and alert. The Sleep Advisor cautions that not having enough sleep can make one irritable and unwell. The following are tips on how to sleep comfortably so that your body gets the down time it needs.

How to sleep comfortably

Establish a routine and stick to itclock

This involves following an exact sleeping time at the end of your day and a wake up time the next day. Having established this routine, your body will automatically adapt to it. This will make it easier for one to sleep comfortably and wake up feeling fresh.

Take shorter naps

Naps during the day are necessary to give you the energy to go on throughout the rest of the day. The problem is when one takes very long naps they tend to disrupt their sleep pattern. This may result to one not sleeping well at night. To get better sleep take shorter naps during the day or better still the naps can be avoided if not necessary. This will mean that you will have plenty to sleep at night.

Watch what you eat

You should be mindful of what you eat before going to bed. Things to be avoided include caffeinated drinks which should be stopped at least six hours before bedtime. Caffeine tends to keep one awake hence could prevent you from sleeping comfortably. Besides that, one should watch what they eat. Meals should be taken at least three hours before bedtime. This is because the digestion process tends to be slower during the evening and it makes it difficult to sleep when food has not been digested. On the other hand, one should also avoid sleeping on an empty stomach since hunger pangs may make them wake up in the middle of the night to eat or keep them awake.

Your bedroom

One should try as much as possible to sleep in a dark room. The room should also be away from noise such as stairs since they may disrupt your sleep should people use them at night. Alternatively, if that cannot be avoided one can opt to use ear plugs and an eye mask to make them sleep comfortably. The room should also be properly ventilated and free from clutter as well.

Your bed and mattress

These two play a major role when you sleep. One should invest in a good mattress to help them sleep comfortably. The bed should also be firm to avoid it making creaky noises when one turns which could wake them. a good mattress will also ensure that one does not develop back problems from sleeping on the mattress.

Opt for alternative methods of sleep enhancing

bedroomThis is specifically for those who have difficulty falling or staying asleep. If there is a known cause for that such as stress, one can look for ways of eliminating the stress. One should avoid sleep enhancing drugs. They can use natural alternatives like chamomile flowers to make chamomile tea which works well to enhance good sleep.

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