4 Ways of Dealing With Genital Warts

Genital warts are small, hard swellings that appear in the genital area. Warts also appears on other body parts besides the genitals. The disease is spread by the Human Papiloma virus (HPV) from an infected person through sexual intercourse. There about 150 strains of HPV that cause infections on the skin. In some isolated cases, the HPV infection does not cause warts and some people with the virus are unaware that they harbor the virus.

Diagnosing Genital WartsWarts on finger

Warts appear as small, hard swellings on the penis, scrotum, cervix, groin, or thigh. In some cases, warts bear a close resemblance to pimples and bumps. Visit a certified doctor for a medical examination if you have been exposed to the HPV. Using a magnifying lens, the health professionals will check for the presence of any small warts.

Treating Genital Warts

Genital warts are ugly and discomfiting. However, most infections will clear out by themselves after some time, making their treatment optional. The genital wart treatment options are aimed at clearing away the visible symptoms. As such, here’s a guide about dealing with genital warts. It is best to use a combination of these treatment options as no one single method is effective in clearing away warts.

Available Options

Condyline Podophyllotoxin Solution

The active ingredient, podophyllotoxin, is obtained from the podophyllum plant. Condyline Podophyllotoxin Solution is applied directly to warts, penetrating the wart tissue and preventing further multiplication of the wart cells. New healthy cells grow in place of the wart cells over time. Condyline Podophyllotoxin Solution treatment is only recommended to be used by for men. Self-application of the solution by women is too difficult.


Cryotherapy involves freezing off the wart using liquid nitrogen by a certified health professional.

LaserWarts Treatment

Laser therapy involves surgical procedures or focusing a stream of light on the affected areas to destroy warts. Laser therapy clears warts in a single treatment. However, the treatment is expensive and available in only a few centers.


Considering the treatment options advanced in fighting the HPV virus, Wartrol is a superior alternative to using cryotherapy or laser treatments. That said, unlike these other treatment options, these treatment option is not only effective but also cheaper.

Factors That Influence The Selection Of Genital Warts Treatment Method

The size of warts, number & location of warts, the cost of treatment, personal preference, expert’s advice, and convenience are some factors which influence the treatment option.

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